Tropical Energy Food S 124ml,190ml,320ml

(VAT included)

Tropical Food Energy S is a complete feed developed for all types of freshwater tropical fish. Promotes excellent growth. Does not cloud the aquarium water

Litros: 124ml



Tropical Food Energy S is a food for tropical freshwater fish that is easy to digest and it is recommended to feed the fish several times a day.


Fish, other marine animals, their products and by-products, cereal grains and by-products, oilseeds and by-products (with genetically modified soy), yeast and minerals.

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 43%, Crude Oils and Fats 4%, Crude Fibers 4%, Crude Ash 15%, Moisture 9%

Vitamins and provitamins: A (E672), D3 (E671), E, ​​B2, C, B3, B1.

Product Details

alimento peces tropicales agua dulce

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