Protein Skimmer Classic 110-S with AQ-1000S pump

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 The Classic 110-S is a skimmer designed to occupy a small area inside the sump, being an ideal option for those aquariums with limited space in the sump.



The Classic 110-S is equipped with an AQ 1000-S pump, which drives 420 L/h of air, with a consumption of only 8 w.

Octo is the first protein skimmer manufacturer in the world to design and produce its own skimmer pumps.

Octo skimmer pumps have been specifically designed to improve and increase the efficiency of protein skimmers.

Its use is recommended for aquariums up to 500L

Affordable, high performance and ultra compact

It is made of solid acrylic and thanks to its innovative design, we achieve a silent and bubble-free water outlet in the sump.

Protein skimmers are used in most saltwater aquariums to remove certain organic compounds such as proteins and amino acids.

For this, the polarity of the protein itself is used, thus avoiding its decomposition into nitrogenous waste in the water itself.

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