Xclear.Economy UV-C Unit (PL Lamp) 5, 9, 11 Watt

(VAT included)

Ultraviolet lamps for freshwater and marine aquariums and garden ponds.

Power: 5 watt
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Ultraviolet radiation or UV radiation is called electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength is approximately between 10 nm and 400 nm, located below UV-A and UV-B radiation and which is not visible to the human eye.

UV-C radiation has a germicidal effect and is therefore used to clarify water. The water flows at medium speed along a lamp that emits UV-C radiation. Thanks to the time of exposure to this UV-C radiation, germs and floating algae die.

Affordable Xclear UVCs are the perfect UV filter for the small garden pond, with a strong aluminum housing. The inlet is at the bottom, the outlet is rotatable and sits at a 90 degree angle. Ideal for when you want to change the angle of the UV lamp.

The Economy UV-C have an ABS casing, come with a standard 3 meter cable, 1"-3/4"-1/2" hose nozzles included. The UV-C output after 9000 hours of combustion is a minimum of 80%. Connection: 1" female thread.

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