Sera Toxivec 100, 250, 500, 2.500 ,5.000 ml

(VAT included)

aquarium water conditioner

Litros: 100ml



Sera Toxivec

First aid in the aquarium

-Immediately removes ammonia and nitrite, which are toxic substances for fish

-Binds heavy metals, such as lead and copper

-Removes chlorine and chloramine

-Reduces the nitrate level and therefore the growth of algae

Due to destabilizing factors (e.g. overfeeding, overcrowding, setting up a new aquarium, more extensive cleaning measures or the use of disease treatments) sudden and severe pollution spikes caused by toxic substances such as ammonia can occur and the nitrite.

In these emergency cases, sera toxivec immediately removes these toxic substances and other dangerous substances, such as chlorine and heavy metals.

Because it removes harmful substances, it quickly restores balance and makes repeated, stressful large water changes unnecessary.

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