Sera Test Carbonato (KH) ,15ml

(VAT included)

For easy determination of carbonate hardness in fresh and salt water.

For approximately 390º dKH



Carbonate hardness prevents fluctuations in the pH value caused, for example, by biological decomposition in the aquarium and garden pond, or by carbon dioxide consumption by plants. Too low a carbonate hardness (less than 5dKH) is the cause of strong fluctuations in the pH value 8 (acidity drops). KH values ​​between 5 and 10º dKH provide the community freshwater aquarium with optimal and stable pH values ​​and will make the plants grow splendidly.

The appropriate values ​​for saltwater aquariums are between 8 and 12º dKH.

The water tests allow the user to have an idea of ​​the chemistry of the water in his aquarium, and thus effectively control emergencies and at the same time avoid them.

Most water tests should be done as often as water changes; the tests allow the maintenance of the aquarium to be easier, by allowing the care to be carried out in a specific and orderly manner.

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