Sera Test Oxygen (O2), 2x15ml

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Sera test O2 to determine the content of Oxygen (O2) in fresh water.



.Oxygen (O2) is essential for all fish and other living things that inhabit a freshwater aquarium or garden pond. Plants also need oxygen at night.

 The level of O2 depends on several factors such as the temperature of the water (especially in the warm months, you have to be very careful to increase the supply of oxygen to the pond, since water at high temperatures carries less dissolved oxygen); their agitation, the species and number of fish and plants, as well as the amount of food. The lack of oxygen leads to poor breathing and in extreme cases even to drowning of fish and other animals.

 A rapid breath at the surface of the water is undoubtedly a sign of a lack of oxygen. Unfortunately, when this happens it may already be too late for any type of measurement, which is why SERA TEST OXYGEN (O2) is an ideal tool to control the level of O2 in our aquarium or pond since it warns in a few minutes about possible situations dangerous.

 Enough for about 60 measurements

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