Sera Bio Nitrivec 50,100,250,500,2.500,5.000 ml

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Sera Bio Nitrivec, liquid filter medium.

For fresh water, conditioning water, optimizing water values, curing diseases, care

Litros: 100ml



Sera Bio Nitrivec, the first-class liquid filter medium

Biologically breaks down food scraps, ammonium and nitrite

Provides a settlement surface for beneficial bacteria

Create a biologically active living space

Due to excretions and decomposition processes, the toxic substances ammonia and nitrite are constantly produced in the aquarium water.

Sera bio nitrivec, a product of Sera biotechnology, contains millions of cleansing bacteria that quickly establish the biological balance, so that toxic substances are continuously broken down.

The volcanic mineral it contains removes harmful substances, effectively binds cloudiness and provides a suitable settling surface for cleaning bacteria. For healthy, transparent and biologically active water.

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