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Sera Test Nitrito (NO2), 2x15 ml

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Determines the level of Nitrite (NO3) in fresh and salt water



NO2, or better known as Nitrite, is extremely harmful to all living organisms in the aquarium. Nitrite appears in the aquarium and in the garden pond as an intermediate product of the decomposition of fish excretions. There is no limit allowed for this compound, its mere presence can be very detrimental to the life of your fish and if it is made regular it can even rot aquatic plants.

Therefore the Sera NO2 Test becomes vital to check the level of toxic nitrite in the water on a regular basis.

The Sera NO2 Test is very easy to use

It helps to know the Nitrite values ​​in the water and to be able to maintain them at their ideal level.

Approximately 75 measurements can be made.

Just add water and check the color code.

Perfect kit for both freshwater and marine aquariums or ponds.

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