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AquaForte Pre-Filtro UltraSieve III 200 micron (extra fine) 2 inlets

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Sieve filter. A widely used pre-filter

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In a sieve filter the water from the pond is led over a curved sieve. The sieve consists of hundreds of triangular sticks with a spacing of 0.2 or 0.3 mm (also called 200 or 300 microns). The rods are slightly tilted, so that the coarser dirt remains on the sieve and the ‘sieved’ water falls through. The sieved water is led further to the main filter.

AquaForte UltraSieve III, UltraSieve filters are the most reliable pre-filters on the market. This is partly due to the simple design, with just one moving part. The pre-filter is not self-cleaning, but it is very easy to maintain. Open the slide valve and the debris can be washed away. The UltraSieve pre-filters have a stainless steel filter element that never needs to be replaced. Thanks to the triangular stainless steel rods at a 7° angle, the water falls directly through the sieve, but the debris remains. A major advantage of this principle is that the debris is truly removed from the water circulation. This is highly beneficial to the water quality, because waste products are no longer polluting the water.

The most efficient pre-filter for ponds

Reliable! (only one moving part)

Stainless steel filter element

Waste is directly separated from the water circulation

No sound

No water loss

Waste can be 100% recycled

Very easy to maintain

Ideal for swimming ponds.

Max Flow M3/H: +/- 30m3/h

Size: 65 x 37 x 100cm

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