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Sera Test Nitrato (N03), 3X15ml

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sera test NO3 is used to determine the level of Nitrate in fresh and salt water.



With Sera Test NO3 we can measure the levels of nitrates present in our Aquarium, nitrate (NO3) is an indicator of strong organic contamination. It is very important and necessary to eliminate the cause of organic contamination. A partial water change is a quick fix. In the long term, filtering with sera siporax Professional is very useful to prevent nitrate build-up.

A correct use of this product will allow us to quickly determine the presence or not of nitrate in the water. If it exists, we can quickly solve it with a partial change of the water or with sera siporax Professional filtering, which is very useful to avoid the accumulation of nitrate.

It can be used both in fresh or salt water (either in aquariums or ponds).

The Sera Nitrate (NO3) Test has enough content to perform about 60 measurements (approximately).

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